Rocky Mountain National Park Llama Trips

Trudging through the mountains can be difficult when carrying all of the overnight camping equipment and fly fishing gear. While adventure vacations sound great, you aren’t up for a long hike that will get you to the river or stream well past the ideal fishing time. Kirk’s Flyshop makes Colorado fly fishing and adventure vacations much easier! Now you can get to a secluded fishing location with the help of a llama. Our llama pack trips are a fun and “lighter” option to your backcountry experience, and native to high mountain terrain. Let a llama carry in all of your equipment, and you relax and enjoy the hike and scenery. Llamas can carry up to 80 lbs, including children!

Overnight Llama Pack Trip

$325/day/guest, Minimum of 2 guests

Kirks Flyshop will provide all necessary equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and food, all necessary fly fishing gear, and will prepare your itinerary and reserve your backcountry sites.

Your guide will set up camp, prepare all meals, and provide fly fishing guidance. We can also use llamas on day hikes.

Day Trip

Our 6 or 8 hour fishing rate, plus $100/llama.
Lunch Included. Kids under 80 lbs may ride llama.

Drop Pack Services

Kirks Flyshop will use llamas to pack in all of your gear to your site in Rocky Mountain National Park, making your backcountry experience a little less arduous and more enjoyable. Each llama can carry up to 80 lbs.

If necessary, you can rent all of your gear from Kirks Flyshop.

$295/outfitter, plus $100/llama/day

$1.50/mile to and from Kirks Flyshop


Contact our Grand Lake fly shop at (970) 627-5021 or fill out the form below to reserve your Llama Pack Trip.

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