We can guide you deep into the backcountry, explore remote, high mountain lakes and streams, where fish thrive and wildlife is abundant. Kirks Flyshop will completely tailor Colorado fishing trips to each angler’s preference. We will take into account distance, destination, and backpacking ability. Some of our favorite backcountry/fly fishing routes include trekking over the Continental Divide, fly fishing along the way, hiking to the remote Hutcheson Lakes, or fishing for the Native Greenback Cutthroat Trout in Thunder Lake. Call Kirks Flyshop to learn more about these fantastic destinations or to find out more about other spectacular backcountry routes.

All trips booked through Kirks Flyshop are guaranteed to catch fish!

Overnight Backpacking / Fly Fishing Rates

Minimum 2 people or $500/day for 1 guest

All equipment included (backpacking & fly fishing). All food is included.
Your guide will set up camp for you and prepare all of your meals. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to fish legendary trout waters.

Call (970) 627-5021 to Reserve your RMNP Backpack / Fly Fishing Trip.

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